Leadership Board Report to the Congregation February, 2021
The following topics were discussed and decisions were made:
  • Aldersgate United Methodist Church adopted the Leadership Board (One Board) administrative model by vote in October, 2020, after a task force spent time studying the model and then disseminated educational information to the church membership prior the vote.  The Leadership Board was nominated and confirmed at a Charge Conference in December. 
  • On February 6, the new Leadership Board met for it's first training session and 2nd administrative meeting of 2021. Dr. Beth Sanders and Rev. Bret DeHart led the board in process moving forward that will be used to assist laity and staff in the ministry and work of the church. Training was based on Kay Katan's Simplified Accountable Structure, the basis of structure for the new Leadership Board. Developing Guiding Principles and updating policies and procedures will be just a few of the endeavors the Leadership Board will begin this year. 
  • The Leadership Board also voted to resume in person Worship using strict face mask guidelines and social distancing.
The next Leadership Board meeting will be held Sunday, March 21, at 6:00pm.
Submitted by Beth Fisher.

Leadership Board Report to the Congregation January, 2021
The Board held its first meeting on January 16th, via Zoom, and all Members were present. Three guests from the congregation also observed the meeting.
The following topics were discussed and decisions were made:
  • Pastor Brett reviewed his advances (the things he has worked on and is working on) for 2020 and 2021. 
  • The 2020 Impact Report, those activities that occurred in 2020, was reviewed and discussed. It is amazing the number of activities that took place in spite of COVID. 
  • The Budget for 2020 was reviewed, discussed and approved. An unbalanced budget was approved. The force driving the need for an unbalanced budget included a larger than normal reduction in pledge cards returned, as might be expected during the current situation. The Board will review the Budget in June and make adjustments as needed so as to end the year with a balanced budget. If you plan to pledge, please turn your card in as soon as possible, this will really help with the deficit.
  • Trustees approved the sale of the three rental houses last year. Plans are underway to have the houses on the market by March/April. The proceeds from the houses will be used to pay off the existing loan. 
  • Worship during COVID was a major topic of discussion. COVID numbers are very high in the CSRA and local hospitals are very stressed. Based on the available information, the Board decided that there will be NO in-person worship or meetings through February 7th. The Board meets again on February 6th and will again review the COVID status in the CSRA. 
  • The following Board Officers were assigned: 
Vice Chair – Scott MacGregor  
Finance Coordinators – Mimi Goldsmith and Norm Williams
Trustee Chair – Michael Harrison
SPR Coordinator – Bill Phillips
  • Members volunteered to develop Guiding Principles and the Leadership Covenant. Guiding Principles is the document that outlines the actions of the Board in relation to their duties. The Principles also provide guidance for the Pastor. The Leadership Covenant outlines the behavior and expectations of the Board Members. The volunteers are Gail Robinson, Norm Williams and Karen Britton. The Chair will work with these volunteers. 
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Showman
Board Chair