The Church of the Warm Heart
Aldersgate UMC
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Bible Studies are available throughout the year.  Check the calendar.


Adult Sunday School
9:45 am
Visitors are welcome in all our classes!
Riverstone (Media Room):  This informal, discussion-oriented (sometimes aided by a dvd series) class is for singles and couples.  The goal of the class is to learn more about the Bible, support one another in striving to be good Christian examples to each other and our children, and applying God's Word to our own lives, especially in raising our families.  
Genesis Class (Room A16):  This is an in-depth Bible-based study which engages open discussion and group participation.  The class usually focuses on a particular book, person, or theme of the Bible.  The class facilitator is Emily Truan.
The remainder of the classes normally follow the Adult Bible Study series from Cokesbury:
Wigley (Library):  Open, lively discussion is the usual format for this group who also enjoy their time outside of the Sunday School class wherever the need is greatest, whether by helping a fellow class member in need or volunteering in the community.  The leaders who rotate on a monthly basis are Gloria Stocks, Jim Showman, Chuck Lanier, and Jimmy Harrison.
Dialog Class (Room A14):  Anne Hull facilitates lively, thought-provoking discussions, where diverse viewpoints are expressed and encouraged.  Class members enjoy caring fellowship and participate in various mission projects throughout the year.